The Irish Hungarian Guide to the Domestic Arts

By Erin O'Brien

From Red Giant Books


~~Meet the gonzo housewife from Cleveland~~


From The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Minister of Culture Michael Heaton:  "The Irish Hungarian Guide to the Domestic Arts is a wonderfully exuberant and outlandish look on life that is whip-smart, heart-felt and subversively funny enough to cause unsuspecting readers to choke on their guffaws.


Put simply, O'Brien kicks ass." More from Michael Heaton.


From Dee Perry, NPR host of WCPN's Around Noon: "A new domestic goddess is born." Listen to the interview.


"Erin O'Brien is hilarious and one of the most entertaining writers around." From Cool Cleveland.


"I read the book in one sitting. The Irish Hungarian Guide to the Domestic Arts is a Top Shelf selection, highly recommended." From John O'Brien co-founder, co-publisher and editor of Irish American News Ohio.


From Donna Marchetti for the Cleveland Plain Dealer: "Even as I cringed mightily at the intersection of a cleaver and live lobster in her kitchen, I couldn't stop reading. I was laughing and recoiling." More from Marchetti.


From David Gutowski for Largehearted Boy: "The Irish Hungarian Guide to the Domestic Arts is bold, honest, and hilarious." More from Gutowski, plus a playlist by O'Brien inspired by the book.


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The Irish Hungarian Guide to the Domestic Arts proves that the Rust Belt is the perfect backdrop for a whirlwind romance, that shopping at the discount grocery is really performance art, and that a half-acre lot in the middle of America is all you need to accommodate a field of dreams.


This book is also a food memoir for the rest of us, wherein a dozen ears of sweet corn turn a humble bowl of chowder into a divine creation, the Hamburger Helper glove dukes it out with a scrappy bowl of slumgullion, and banishing the blues is as easy as lunch with Holly Golightly at the local farmers' market.


A misfit Irish-but-not-Catholic girl from Cleveland's west side, O'Brien is funny and sophisticated, projecting triumph through the lens of the domicile without blinking when sorrow fills the screen. The right measure of quirk and earthy sex separate this book from the Erma Bombeck set, while O'Brien's dry Midwest humor ties it all together.




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