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O'Brien will lead a discussion, "The Power of Belief," at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 15 at the Sheraton Cleveland Airport Hotel as part of the 2011 House Kheperu Open House. Class descriptions, teacher bios and scheduling details are available here. Pre-registration for the weekend-long event is $45 and $60 at the door. Attendance is limited to 150.

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Erin O'Brien is available for speaking engagements. Contact via email. Here's a sampling of what past attendees had to say about O'Brien's presentations:

"Best keynote speaker you've ever had!"
"Erin O'Brien was wonderful, authentic."
"She's down to earth and went through a life change to write, what more could we want?"
"Erin was engaging - funny, I loved her stories."
"Absolutely amazing!"
"Erin was terrific! Very dynamic, fun."
"Excellent--keep Erin O'Brien."


Erin O'Brien lives and works in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. She was born in 1965, became a wife in 1992 and a mom in 1997. She abandoned her career as an electrical engineer in 1995 to write. She owns a little red motorcycle, a Mini Cooper and a lamp that is shaped like a martini glass.


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